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For fear of press
The solution to the case of the two Romanians arrested in Iraq has still got many dark sides. State institutions (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Presidency Administration, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Ministry of National Defense and the National Intelligence Community) participating in the release of the two Romanians imprisoned in a US base in Iraq for three months are hiding from the public the truth about this crisis with international connotation. The information so far disclosed by the press has pointed to dysfunctions in the management of information by the National Intelligence Community and the Supreme Council for National Defense.
In his interview to ZIUA, Sergiu Medar, a presidency adviser and also a head of the National Security Department, admits there were no written documents used by the Integrated Information Office in the National Intelligence Community, just as he says he phoned President Basescu to tell him about the two Romanians. Given this, Traian Basescu's "amnesia" when journalists in Brussels asked him about it becomes explainable.
Another important thing Medar mentions is that Traian Basesacu himself participated in the action to free Adrian Ganceanu and Nelu Ilie, because of the mass media scandal. In other words, had the press not reported on the two Romanians imprisoned in Iraq for three months, maybe they would still be there, since they were seen as two names next to hundreds of names belonging to Arab suspects in US custody. (...)
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