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Justice minister to be sacked
The representatives of the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) betrayed the Coalition yesterday, when the senators voted for the Conservatives' parliamentary motion against the Romanian Justice minister Monica Macovei. Tariceanu has got a choice to make: he either dismisses Macovei or faces parliamentary motion against the government.
Since there is a total number of 73 votes from the opposition, it is obvious that the Liberals and the UDMR broke the Coalition agreement. When hearing the results yesterday the senators in the opposition kept shouting "Resignation!" Before the voting the senators from the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) and the PC (Conservative Party) had already expressed their support for the initiative. Simple parliamentary motion calls for a mere warning and it does not end up with the respective minister dismissed. But the PC leader threatened PM Tariceanu that there would follow parliamentary initiative against the government unless he dismissed minister Macovei. As he is now caught between the sea and the devil, the Romanian PM will make use of this initiative as pretext to get rid of Monica Macovei, President Basescu's ally.
Minister denied accusations
In her speech the Justice minister denied all the Conservatives' accusations, claiming their initiative was a groundless text against the reform. She provided arguments against all the reproaches included in the document and she concluded it was "ungrounded and unmotivated".
Macovei asked senators why they had left her proceed with the reform for two years and why they were now accusing her of having had no plan. According to the minister, during her mandate Justice achievements were more numerous than ever in the last 16 years.
As for the National Integrity Agency, Macovei argued that, although some EU states had no similar institution, Romania needed to have such independent agency.
Reproached for lack of communication
Debates were rather calm and the only one to make a show was the PRM leader Corneliu Vadim Tudor. Still senator from both the opposition and the Coalition reproached the minister for poor collaboration with the Parliament. Liberal Mario Oprea claimed: "The Alliance is expecting the Minister of Justice to be more cooperative with the Parliament and the Government." PSD senator Ioan Chelaru accused Macovei of fueling dangerous strain in Justice: "Justice is now under tension, which is counterproductive and dangerous. The main reason is Monica Macovei's attitude. Ever since assigned a minister she has behaved as if needing to prove her own ill intentions." UDMR senator Zoltan Puskas opined the text included some "pertinent" points on the flaws in the judiciary system. Conservative Gheorghe Constantin commented the Justice minister was aimed at "putting make-up on the image of the only skilled man in Romania." (...)
Valentina DELEANU, Roxana ANDRONIC 
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