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LATEST - In Brief
Paul's Bluff
-- The illegitimate grandson of the Romanian king Carol II is very close to illegally grab a 47-hectare oak forest in Snagov village
Paul Lambrino, in league with the real estate Mafia, wants to take possession over a piece of land evaluated to EURO 30 M. The impostor prince invoked and received an alleged heritage. King Michael I did not even entered the estate. His forest has never been the property of the Royal House. It only received the piece of land the impostor invoked only for use, from the Capital City Hall, that is for recreation, agricultural and animal breeding activities. Paul Lambrino has received a decision from the Ilfov county Prefecture, but the head of the Snagov Forest District refuses to sign it and is waiting for a written order from the Forest Public Administration. Lambrino is carrying on a lawsuit with the Forest Public Administration. The impostor is preparing a new fraud in the real estate field. He fixed his eye on other 29-hectares also in Snagov.
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