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The avidity of EvZ
-- Michael Ringier's daily has won tens of thousands of Euro from a media campaign faked in favour of ALENIA AERONAUTICA Comp., controlled by EPP (European People's Party). The liaison person is the Democrat minister of Defence
The bidding organized by MApN (Ministry of National Defence) for the purchase of seven short-medium courier aircrafts turned into a huge scandal also at a diplomatic level. "C-27J Spartan", produced by the Italian group controlled by Berlusconi, has been declared as winner, although its offer had been weaker than the one of their competitors from EADS/CASA. All along the bidding process and also after, "Evenimentul Zilei" daily has taken full profit of it and brutally intervened in favour of the EPP group of interests. Moreover, Basescu's man hastened to defend the hidden maneuvers promoted by Sorin Frunzaverde for ALENIA Comp. The bidding has eventually been canceled, but the PD minister pulls strings to please his political allies in the EPP. PD is not troubled by the fact it is about Euro 300 M from the State budget nor that the performances of the C-27J Spartan aircraft are doubtful. ALENIA AERONAUTICA had sold only three aircrafts, but they were banned to fly by the Greeks, due to serious imperfections. Paolo Pozzessere, vice-president of ALENIA, said yesterday he hoped "someone with great power in this country helped /them/ invest".
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