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Untitled  (online)   14 decembrie
Leszek Kowalski: <http://www.seenphoto.net>...   (725 afisari)
The Superhyperreal series by Jing  (online)   29 noiembrie
Fantastic, celebratory group portraits examining the forming of communities, and identities by association.
<http://www.superhyperreal.com>...   (449 afisari)
"The Only Ones Left"  (online)   4 octombrie
"At some point, we may be the only ones left. That's okay with me. We are America."
George W. Bush
"The Only Ones Left" (three-channel video installation, 2006/07, 5 min.) featuring actor Jim Fletcher, weaves film noir and mafia genre references with CEO diatribes, while also exposing the conventions of the feature film climax. The three channels of video depict all plot p...   (373 afisari)
Untitled  (online)   9 august
foto: Shiranai Katanakaji...   (358 afisari)
Lucky  (online)   25 iunie
foto: Manuela Grabo...   (509 afisari)   1 comentariu
"Untitled"  (online)   14 iunie
foto: taesang (koreea)...   (523 afisari)
backyard I diving I #10  (online)   8 mai
<http://home.arcor.de>...   (897 afisari)
"Schlafende Frau"  (online)   12 aprilie
foto: Fritz Fabert...   (888 afisari)
 (online)   4 martie
...   (750 afisari)
Portret  (online)   30 ianuarie
Jacek Gasiorowski:
<http://www.gasiorowski.net/>...   (892 afisari)
Summer Holidays  (online)   26 decembrie
foto: Mark Hamilton (Noua Zeelanda)...   (1115 afisari)
"Nuclear Desert"  (online)   13 decembrie
Foto: Yannick Michel...   (1140 afisari)
The Edge (of season)  (online)   27 noiembrie
Adresa de contact: skyephoto@tiscali.co.uk...   (1165 afisari)
"Bleach building"  (online)   21 noiembrie
<http://thomasville.montaf.com/>...   (1248 afisari)
Untitled  (online)   20 noiembrie
<http://www.christianhang.com>...   (1216 afisari)
"Presences..."  (online)   16 noiembrie
Adresa de contact: baroni10@supereva.it...   (3093 afisari)
Holidays Mood (foto: Joannes Ceyrat)  (online)   14 noiembrie
<http://www.joannes-ceyrat.com>...   (1463 afisari)   1 comentariu
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